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Funky Penguin

ElfHosted is a Funky Penguin open-source, project, supported by the Geek Cookbook community.

Community support is a team effort though, so we've established the "Elf-vengers", a team of volunteers who keep our Discord channels and help tickets friendly and useful...


The "Elf-vengers initiative" brings together ElfHosted's geekiest heroes, in aid of current and future users and their ElfHosted efforts!

Quick Start

Want to help out? Jump into #elf-vengers-plz, add your "trainee" role, join the dojo, and start experimenting. When you're ready to "graduate" and support users, pick your discipline(s), and let's talk!

User Stories

The primary goal of the Elf-vengers is to ensure a friendly and helpful community for ElfHosted users, and so I "assembled" the following user stories, from the perspective of user, volunteer (Elf-venger), and business owner and bill-payer (me):


As a user, when I create a support ticket, I expect that:

  1. I will be treated with respect and kindness, and will be held to the same standard.
  2. I will be given technically sound advice, or be advised to wait for further support.
  3. If I share sensitive information (screenshots, passwords, etc), then the person I'm sharing them with is trustworthy and accountable to ElfHosted.


As a volunteer, when I offer to help, I expect that:

  1. I will be valued for my contributions in my areas of experience, and treated with respect.
  2. I will have access to documentation and admin support from ElfHosted.
  3. I will be called upon to help only when I am willing and able.


As the ElfHosted owner, when I accept volunteer's offer of help, I expect that:

  1. The volunteer will be treated with consideration and respect from myself and users, and will be held to the same, reciprocal standard.
  2. When representing ElfHosted to support a user, the volunteer will act in the overlapping best interests of the user and of ElfHosted. This means, for example, maintaining the privacy of user data shared in a private support channel, or advising a prospective user against reselling ElfHosted services.
  3. The volunteer will adhere to and maintain the Funky Penguin community code of conduct, and the ElfHosted Acceptable Use Policy.

Key values


As is apparent above, community wellbeing, respect, and consideration are our priorities. The ElfHosted services are abusable in some respects, and goodwill and integrity are expected on behalf of all users.


Further, volunteering should be fun and engaging, and not burdensome or unpleasant. This means answers should be easy, help should be readily available, and changes should be transparent.