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ElfHosted is an Open (Source) Startup

This means that our business metrics, as well as our technical resources, are open for public inspection and input.

Isn't it risky to give away your sekrit sauce?

Meh. Maybe. There's nothing we do that's especially proprietary or competitive.

Part of the reason ElfHosted exists is to provide a "reference design" for similar platforms. If you want help doing something like this, hit me up - it's my DayJob™!


Each month's progress reports and metrics are summarized in the left-hand navigation column, and are listed below:



(one day, I'll get live graphing working here!)



Contains the containers we run (available at, with a build process inspired by

GitHub commit activity (branch) GitHub Repo stars


Contains the flux GitOps manifests used to run various services on the cluster, as well as the ansible playbooks / roles to maintain these.

GitHub commit activity (branch) GitHub Repo stars


Contains the charts we use to provide apps, under a single umbrella chart "myprecious". Heavily inspired by, which I've since forked to, and continue to maintain

GitHub commit activity (branch) GitHub Repo stars


Contains source used for, and is built with mkdocs-material on Netlify

GitHub commit activity (branch) GitHub Repo stars

What's missing?

Ha. Good question. What's not public is the repo which houses our user configs (each user's particular combination of helm charts and values), for obvious reasons, and all the secrets etc which make the magic work.