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πŸ‘‹ Welcome to ElfHosted!

  • We run popular self-hosted apps for you, securely and reliably.
  • Attach your own storage or just use ours.
  • Only pay for the apps you need, swap them out when you want to, billed from $0.10/day

See the apps 🎁 Get started with FREE $10 credit πŸ’°

NEW! Infinite storage / streaming with Plex and Debrid

Recently (2024), a selection of our apps used to integrate media streaming (Plex) and downloaders (Real-Debrid) have been popular. Here's a quick guide..

What users say..

"I would recommend ElfHosted to anyone. It has been great so far and made life a lot easier than running my own setups. If you’re in the fence give them a try and help support this great community." - Zestyclose_Teacher20

"thanks for the help and must say this is the best host I every had for my server πŸ™‚ 10/10 πŸ™‚ All other places I have try have I got a lot buff etc. Your host can even give me full power on a 4K Remux on 200GB big movie file . That's damn awesome πŸ˜„" - @tjelite (Discord)

The back-story

I love self-hosting1, and have been publishing guides on building self-hosting platforms and running apps since 2016. Over time, I've updated my own platform from Docker Swarm to Kubernetes (several iterations).

Somewhere along the way, building automated / resilient / scalable systems in Kubernetes became my DayJob™, and I spent 2 years consulting/co-investing in a seedbox provider.

When this provider shut down, I took the opportunity to take my self-hosting to the next level. I leveraged what I'd built / learned over those past 2 years to build ElfHosted - a multi-tenant, resilient, automated and scalable app hosting platform, running on "budget" bare-metal cloud hardware. I wanted to be able to rapidly deploy new self-hosted apps in a templatized way, and I wanted to invite other geeks to join in / observe the process.

- David (@funkypenguin)

But.. but..

ElfHosted vs Selfhosting


"Why wouldn't I just run the app myself?"


Totally valid. Here are some guides I wrote for doing just that on Docker Swarm or Kubernetes.

ElfHosted is for users (like me, post-kids!) who don't necessarily have the time / inclination to run (and maintain!) certain apps locally, want it to "Just Work™".

  1. Defined as controlling and managing the apps I use, regardless of where they run