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Sometimes you discover something which doesn't fit neatly into the "recipe" format. That's what this category of blog posts is for. I note information I don't want to loose, but I don't know (yet) how to fit it into the structure of the cookbook.

Riven is Ready for Revenue Sharing (and testing)

Iceberg has "melted" from the store, to be replaced with Riven, and the Riven/Plex Infinite Streaming bundle.

While we wait for UI dev to complete, I've replaced the UI with a realtime, live view of your Riven logs, via your browser (launched from your dashboard). From this UI, you can CTRL-C to restart (it's not actually the logs, it's the backend process itself!), and watch Riven do its magic in realtime.

Riven Revenue Sharing

Riven is the first ElfHosted product which falls under a new, experimental "revenue sharing" model. Because @spoked is working so closely with the ElfHosted team to make Riven work ๐Ÿ’ฏ with our platform, 30% of your subscription will go to the Riven devs to support further development! โค

You can also join me in sponsoring @spoked directly, via GitHub Sponsors

Remember, this is all very cutting-edge and geeky, so some assembly will be required. Jump into our dedicated #Riven forum topic with your bug reports, feature requests, and feedback!

Zurg 0.10.0rc2 rolled out, love live repairman!

It's been 4 days since Zurg 0.10.0rc2 was released (to sponsors), and we've had a few brave Elves testing it out. So far, there are no show-stoppers, so we've now rolled v0.10.0rc2 out to all users.

Significant improvments over v0.9.x are:

  • 1โƒฃ Repairing works again, without causing plex to stall its scans
  • 2โƒฃ Zurg can now co-operate with Real-Debrid to extract RAR-compressed "downloaded" media!
  • 3โƒฃ Zurg now supports non-video files (i.e., audio)

Read on for how to enable the new features...

Emby / Jellyfin transcode fixes

The recent transcode path fixes to Jellyfin / Emby have brought a small bug out of the woodwork.. in some cases, the streamers may insist on transcoding your media based on your perceived bandwidth limits, and then fail to transcode because (a) it's 4K content, or (b) the transcoding path is not set to /transcode, and we've prevented use of the network storage for such!

A simple workaround is to edit your Jellyfin / Emby users, and to remove their permissions to perform video transcodes, something like this:

Read on for more fixes...

Jellyfin 10.9 is out! (and now, fixed)

Jellyfin 10.9 was released last week, with new features including "trickplay" (live video scrobbing), admin UI revamping, and improved ffmpeg transcoding powerz.

Unfortunately there was a significant bug in 10.9 causing random lockups, but we were unable to roll back because of database upgrades. While the devs were working on the fix, we rolled out some changes to our health checks - rather than a TCP connection to confirm Jellyfin is alive (but, sadly, still locked up), we now use an HTTP test against the API's health endpoint, which fails when Jellyfin is locked up, so that we can at least quickly kill and restart a stuck Jellyfin instance.

The bugfix has rolled out in 10.9.2, so hopefully this is now a non-issue!

It also turns out that Jellyfin was not consistent in where it stored its transcoding data, and some instances were defaulted to /config/transcodes (/config is backed by our expensive NVMe network storage, not where we want to be sending GBs of temporary transcoding data!), while others were set to /transcode (correct) or /config/cache/transcode (also incorrect).

Tonight's update symlinks all of these combinations to /transcode, the 50GB ephemeral NVMe-backed disk on the local node, avoid stressing our network storage. In summary, you can ignore the transcode path in Jellyfin. We'll make it work in the backend :)