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Introducing Openbooks

Today we added Openbooks, a tool which allows you to download ebooks from quickly and easily.

Screenshot of Openbooks

Currently, Openbooks is hard-coded to save downloaded content to /storage/elfstorage/downloads/completed/books, and changing this is non-trivial, since it's a commandline argument fed to the application binary, rather than a user-configurable UI setting. If changing the download location is important to you, we may be able to effect this in future using ElfBot.

While Readarr -> Openbooks -> Calibre -> Calibre-Web would be the "holy grail", it doesn't look like we'll see Readarr integration. However, I have noticed some issues on the Openbooks GitHub repo which explain how to setup a Calibre "auto-add" directory, which would create the "slightly-less-holy grail" of Openbooks -> Calibre -> Calibre-Web. For this to work, we need to switch to the VNC-in-browser version of Calibre, which I'll try to do over the next few days.

See more on the app page, or perform a 24h trial / subscription at the store!

More news...

unRAID guide for "outsourced" media aquisition

After helpful input from an elf-a-tester, I created a guide describing how to leverage ElfHosted to augment a local unRAID system, and posted it in r/unRAID. The takeaway is that ElfHosted would eliminate some of the hassle re running Arrs / torrent apps for an unRAID user, but they could still consume the content locally by mounting a storagebox into unRAID.

Paypal subscriptions coming soon

Some users have reported issues topping up their ElfBuckz balances with PayPal. I've raised an issue with PayPal, but it'll take a few days to resolve, I expect, since I now have to do additional KYC to enable the "advanced features" necessary to sell subscriptions (to ElfBuckz topups) via PayPal.

Wait, you can subscribe to ElfBuckz topups?

Yessir! Once you have a rough feeling for how much ElfBuckz you'll need every month, you can subscribe to a monthly ElfBuckz topup, to avoid all those pesky manual topups!

Bitcoin payments now accepted

While monkeying with PayPal, I also added a Bitcoin payment processor, so that you can now top up your ElfBuckz with Bitcoin, if that's your thing! (cue laser-eyes)

Today's scoreboard

Metric Numberz
Total users 51
Bugz squished 0
New toyz 3 (Openbooks, unRAID guide, Bitcoin!)

Thanks for building with us - stay tuned!