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We are an Open (Source) Startup!

No technical / infrastructure changes today, but one of the most significant - as originally stated, I've moved our infrastructure code(GitOps and ansible) and helm charts into public repos, and created a "open" page to coallate all the publically shared information.

Why be so open?

I'm betting that the value gained by community-building, with transparency and goodwill, will outweigh any value lost by sharing the "sekrit sauces" which make ElfHosted work, such that a motivated user could "roll it themselves".

r/selfhosted ๐Ÿ’” ElfHosted?

Having finished polishing the open source pages above, I (bravely/foolishly) invited r/selfhosted to trial / submit feedback.

I immediately got feedback, but it wasn't as positive as I'd hoped! (leopards ate my face again!) The process was useful though, in terms of working out how (or how not!) to try to find more users / testers!

(Ideas about more ways to gain exposure are welcome!)

Today's scoreboard

Metric Numberz
Total users 43
Bugz squished 0
New toyz 0

Thanks for building with us - stay tuned!

  1. I did have mixed results with various 4K content. In some cases, transcoding still wouldn't make the media play smoothly.