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While we encourage users to BYO storage (especially Hetzner StorageBoxes), ElfStorage exists to provide quick and easy storage for cases where you might not want to bolt-on external storage.

Every user gets 100Gi ElfStorage free, mounted at /storage/elfstorage. This is done to ensure a smooth user experience when using our pre-provisioned apps, which would not otherwise be possible with the BYO mounts.

How to get more ElfStorage

You can buy more ElfStorage in the store.

You can't shrink an ElfStorage volume

Due to how Kubernetes PVC expansion works, you can expand but you can never shrink your ElfStorage volume. If you buy 10TB and later decide you'd rather only have 2TB, we'd have to manually destroy the volume and create a new one.

Technical specs

ElfStorage is provided by a ceph cluster running within our Hetzner environment. It's designed with reliability in mind, not performance, and shouldn't be expected to handle heavy I/O loads well.

  • Nodes are 1Gbps
  • Disks are HDD, with no DB/WAL journals
  • We keep 2 copies of each object, with the failure domain set to an individual host, so we can lose one Ceph host without impacting data availability.