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ElfHosted Stremio Addons

Stremio is a popular streaming application with a developer-friendly ecosystem of addons, whose purposes range from finding subtitles, to creating catalogues, to finding content to stream. Stremio is a popular solution for media streaming, due to its wide range of hardware support, including "cheap" hardware which is unsupported by Plex.

Combined with debrid solutions, Stremio plus addons can provide "instant" access to your favorite media quickly and easily.

In support of the Stremio community, we offer free highly-available hosting for addons, with rate-limits to prevent abuse. Donations to support hosting are gratefully accepted, and subscription-based instances are also available with 10 x higher rate-limits, and SSO to secure them.

Get your addon ElfHosted!

If you've got an addon you'd like ElfHosted, provided the source-code is public, we can host it for you! Get in touch to discuss!

Here's a list of our currently ElfHosted popular Stremio addons:

Name What does it do? Subscribe
Annatar Streams content from Real-Debrid / Premiumize, based on your tracker / quality preferences. Uses clever redis caching to provide near-instant responses Subscribe!
Comet Searches for content from Prowlarr / Jackett, streams via RealDebrid. Optionally proxies streams, allowing you to use your RealDebrid account from multiple IPs simultaneously Subscribe!
Davio Stream your content (Debrid or otherwise) using HTTP streams via WebDAV Subscribe!
Jackettio Get torrents from your private trackers using Jackett and delivered via Real-Debrid, AllDebrid, or Debrid-Link Subscribe!
KnightCrawler Same code, new name - KnightCrawler is the community-driven fork of TorrentIO Subscribe!
MediaFusion Especially popular for watching Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, English, and dubbed movies & series. A highly-configurable and capable addon Subscribe!
Shluflix Does one thing really well. Delivers HTTP streaming URLs for searched content, at lightning-fast CDN-backed speed! โšก Subscribe!
Stremify Simple AddOn which provides HTTP streams (no Debrid needed) for popular content in multiple languages โšก Subscribe!
Stremio-Jackett Search for content from both a shared community cache and your own Jackett indexers Subscribe!
TorrentIO The original addon which started it all. Search through >1.75M scraped torrents for media to insta-stream with your debrid provider Subscribe!
XTremio Watch your paid IPTV (xtream-codes required) subscriptions in Stremio Subscribe!