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"Elf-Disclosure" for October 2023

We've been in prod for 3 months now, and like September, October was mostly spent on bugfixes and backend improvements, which I'll detail below.

Here are some shiny stats for October 2023, followed by a summary of some of the user-facing changes announced this month in the blog...


Focus Aug 2023 September 2023 October 2023
Cluster $428 $428 $428
Store $100 $100 $56
CI $600 $100 $100
Cloud $20 $20 $20
Development 60h / $12,000 2 15h / $2,250 15h / $2,250
Total Expenses $13,148 $2,923 $2,854
Income $215 $95 $318
% of expenses 0.2% 1.63% 4.1%
Focus Aug 2023 September 2023 October 2023
Subscribers 53 43 1 48
Ingress 19.5TB 23TB 34TB
Egress 3.3TB 7TB 14TB
Pods 792 430 2 516
Focus June 2023 September 2023 October 2023
Total invested thus far 4 $53,118 $56,111 $58,965
Total revenue $258 $353 $671
Income % of total invested 0.1% 0.5% 0.62%


Most apps consume almost no CPU while idle - the larger consumers are streamers doing transcoding, and download clients doing download/unpack operations.

Average CPU utilization increased roughly 30% from last month.

CPU stats for October 2023

Last month (Sep 2023)'s for comparison:

CPU stats for Sep 2023

This graph represents memory usage across the entire cluster. By far the largest consumers of RAM is rook-ceph. Like CPU utilization, there appears to be no month-on-month growth this month, but this data was recorded after deprovisioned accounts were pruned, so it's likely that actual used RAM has increased.

Memory stats for October 2023

Last month (Sep 2023)'s for comparison:

Memory stats for September 2023

I'm not sure these stats are accurate, they've likely overly high because pods on the host network (like metallb, ceph, etc) will end up counting all traffic on each host, rather than the pod itself. However, the graph still gives a good indication of network usage compared to the previous month.

The network graphs indicate a 3-4 x increase in network usage, which is consistent with the much higher traffic graphs for October, compared to September.

Network traffic for October 2023

Last month (Sep 2023)'s for comparison:

Network traffic for Sep 2023

These are the traffic stats for egress from Hetzner. They exclude any traffic to/from Hetzner Storageboxes.

Network traffic increased 100% from the previous period, although it's notable that the large spike from Oct 15 to Oct 25th was the likely cause, rather than a steady-state increase.

Hetzner traffic stats for October 2023

Last month (Sep 2023)'s for comparison:

Hetzner traffic stats for Sep 2023

Ceph provides our own storage ("ElfStorage"), typically used for long-term slow storage and seeding. While the read/write IOPS and throughput gauges below are useless for trending (they're just a single point in time, I'm working on adding better metrics), the capacity graph indicates that we've consumed 100% more capacity compared to the previous month.

Ceph stats for October 2023

Last month (Sep 2023)'s for comparison:

Ceph stats for Sep 2023

What's new?

Plex BYOVPN saves the day

As threatened, Plex pulled the plug on Hetzner IP ranges, breaking any Plex services hosted on Hetzner without a VPN.

Our users who migrated to a Plex VPN solution were not impacted, and I've now removed the non-VPN Plex product from the store, so any future Plex subscriptions will require a VPN.

More details in this blog post.

Radarr upgraded to v5

Radarr v5 has been released, and we automatically got the updated (albeit a few weeks late, because config file changes meant our images builds were failing!)

More details in this blog post.

Low ElfBuckz balance notifications

Cosplaying a PHP developer, I altered our ElfBuckz (account credits) plugin to send email notifications when your ElfBuckz balance drops below $2. Aside from some flakey maths at first, this seems to be working well now, and is hopefully part of the reason for the uptick in revenue this month (rather than either turning off services or failing to properly deprovision them!)

More details in this blog post.

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  1. Much of this is yearly fees for Wordpress plugins 

  2. Yes, that's a lot! This is the opportunity cost, over a month, of focusing on ElfHosted rather than billable consulting work! 

  3. Total spend includes yearly payments for Wordpress plugins, etc 

  4. All moneyz are in US dollarz! 

  5. In Sept 2023, I changed the way these are counted, prefering users with active subscriptions rather than simply counting users provisioned (also, deprovisioning was improved

  6. After inactive / abandoned accounts were deprovisioned