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Data Retention

This page describes how data is automatically deleted when you terminate your account, unsubscribe from an app, or abandon your account without active subscriptions.


  • "Account data" means your account (username, email, password, purchase history) in the ElfHosted store, to which all of your subscriptions are tied.
  • "Application data" refers to the config for a specific application, usually found in /config/<app> in File Browser. Examples would be your Plex metadata, or your Prowlarr DB.
  • "ElfStorage data" refers to your data stored in /storage/elfstorage. This includes the free 100Gb data assigned with your account, and any further ElfStorage data purchased from the store.

When do we automatically purge data?

Action Data affected Retention
๐Ÿšซ Unsubscribe an app Application data 7 days
๐Ÿ˜ด Have no active subscriptions ElfStorage data 31 days
Delete your account Account data
Application data
ElfStorage data


If you...

  • ... decide to switch from Plex to Jellyfin, after 7 days your previous Plex data will be deleted.
  • ... run out of ElfBuckz and all your subscriptions stop, after 7 days, all your application data will be deleted, and after 31 days all your ElfStorage data will be deleted (you'll get a fresh 100GB if you start a new subscription)
  • ... delete your account from the store, all your data (including your store account, ElfStorage, app data) will be immediately deleted.


Can you recover deleted data?

No ๐Ÿ˜ข

Do you backup my data?

We use ceph snaphots to make daily snapshots of user data to give us some protection in the event of an internal failure. However, once we delete the volume, the related snapshots are also deleted, so you should treat the data as if we don't back it up.

How can I backup my data?

Use ElfBot to perform backups of your app data to ElfStorage, and then copy the data from ElfStorage offsite.

I'm no longer subscribed to my app, how can I get my app data?

Re-subscribe to the app, backup the data using ElfBot, then copy your backup using FileBrowser, and then unsubscribe again.

How can I immediately delete my account and data?

Go to the Delete My Account page on the store, enter your account password, and confirm deletion.