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How to use ElfHosted Stremio Jackett Addon (torrentio alternative)

This guide illustrates how to use the Stremio-Jackett addon to stream content from debrid providers using Stremio, sourcing content from your own torrent indexer (Jackett), rather than relying on the (often-overloaded) torrentio addon!

New accounts get $10 credit, enough to run this stack for >2 months!

Our services are subscribed to in "ElfBuckz", our in-store account credit. All new users get $10 ElfBuckz upon account creation, in order to "kick the tyres" ๐Ÿš— before commitment.

The advantages of this solution are:

  • Use the highly-polished, multi-platform Stremio app
  • Reduce the impact of Torrentio outages / rate-limits
  • Customize your indexer results for your country, language, or even private tracker accounts

The disadvantages, of course, are:

  • Limited retention - you've only "got" the content as long as your Debrid subscription is current
  • IP restriction - your Debrid provider's regular IP restriction policies apply, so be cautious of streaming from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Jackett's results will appear more slowly in streamio, compared to pre-cached results from other providers


Consider our Infinite Streaming Plex guide if you'd like to Proxy your Real-Debrid access behind Zurg so that you can stream simultaneously from multiple source IPs


  • Real-Debrid / AllDebrid account (other providers planned)

And from the ElfHosted store:

Additionally, if your trackers are behind Cloudflare DDOS protection (and therefore harder to automatically search), add Flaresolverr.

Add the apps above to your cart, or subscribe to all of the above, as a bundle to make it easier, here:

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How to set it up

Get the apps

  1. Create an ElfHosted account, receive $10 free ElfBuckz credit
  2. Subscribe to the bundle, using your ElfBuckz
  3. Log into your ElfHosted dashboard, at https://<your username>

Setup Jackett

Navigate to Jackett from your app dashboard (https://<your username>, add your preferred chosen indexers, and note your Jackett API key

Don't go overboard

Every indexer you add slows down your query responses, so prefer to add small amounts of high-quality indexers

If your indexers require Flaresolverr, you can add it to your existing subscription (But you'll need to do "renew now" to avoid waiting for the 24h renewal cycle)

Once Flaresolverr is added to your account, configure it in Jackett simply as http://flaresolverr:8191

Setup Stremio-Jackett

Navigate to Stremio Jackett from your ElfHosted dashboard, pick your debrid provider, and enter your API key, as well as your Jackett API key:


It's not necessary to enter a Jackett URL, this is pre-configured for you

Install the Addon!

Click "Install" to allow your OS to open the link in Stremio, or right-click the Install button, and copy the long stremio:// URL, and paste it into your Stremio search bar.

What to expect

When you search in stremio, Stremio-Jackett will get to work - because the results are not cached, it may take 10-20s before they're presented in Stremio, but a successful search will look like this:

Why is searching so slow?

It depends wildly on your indexers. If you've added 20 indexers, Jacket will have to query each of them before presenting a result back to Stremio-Jackett. This may take longer than Stremio's addon timeout period, and so you may see no results.

Further, if you're using indexers which require Flaresolverr, then this solving process will also add further delay.

For optimal results, limit Jackett to as few, high-quality indexers as possible, ideally without Flaresolverr.

You can check the the logs of all the pods involved by using Kubernetes Dashboard

How does it work?


Here's a diagram, followed by some explanations - assume the user has already configured Jackett.

    Stremio->>Addon: Search for "White Zombies 1932"
    Addon->>Jackett: Search for "White Zombies 1932"
    Jackett->>Trackers: Search for "White Zombies 1932"
    Trackers->>Jackett: Results, boss!
    Jackett->>Addon: Results, boss!
    Addon->>Debrid: Which of these are cached?
    Debrid->>Addon: These ones, boss!
    Addon->>Stremio: Pick one of these!
    Stremio->>Addon: I pick this one!
    Addon->>Debrid: Send me the URL to download this cached torrent
    Debrid->>Addon: Here's the link!
    Addon->>Stremio: Here, stream this link!


  1. The user configures Jackett with their chosen trackers (usually public)
  2. The user configures Stremio to use the Stremio-Jackett addon
  3. When the user searches in Stremio, the addon is queried
  4. Stremio-Jackett queries Jackett, which in turn queries its configured trackers, and returns results
  5. Stremio-Jackett uses Debrid API key to work out which torrents are already cached on the provider, and returns these to Stremio as options
  6. User plays picks an option, the addon gets the download link from the Debrid provider, and sends it to the Stremio to play

How do I get help?

  1. As highlighted above, stremio-jackett is a very young project under active development. Get in touch in their Discord server, and file issues in their GitHub repository
  2. For specific support re your ElfHosted configuration / account, see the ElfHosted support options