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How to use ElfHosted Torrentio Addon (self hosted torrentio instance)

This guide illustrates how to use our ElfHosted Torrentio addon to stream content from debrid providers using Stremio, avoiding outages and rate-limits.

New accounts get $10 credit, enough to run this stack for >2 months!

Our services are subscribed to in "ElfBuckz", our in-store account credit. All new users get $10 ElfBuckz upon account creation, in order to "kick the tyres" ๐Ÿš— before commitment.

How does it work?

  • ElfHosted maintains a torrentio instance for our users' apps (Prowlarr, Iceberg, etc) to use, without rate-limiting.
  • This instance is publically available at (rate-limited) at
  • Users can subscribe to their own instance of the addon (still using the internal database), with much more generous rate-limits

The advantages of this solution are:

  • Use the highly-polished, multi-platform Stremio app
  • Reduce the impact of Torrentio outages / rate-limits
  • Share your addon with friends and family!

The disadvantages, of course, are:

  • IP restriction - your Debrid provider's regular IP restriction policies apply, so be cautious of streaming from multiple locations simultaneously.
  • Less history - we're working on more seeding, but our internal instance doesn't have the years of content that has.


Consider our Infinite Streaming Plex guide if you'd like to Proxy your Real-Debrid access behind Zurg so that you can stream simultaneously from multiple source IPs


  • An account with a supported Debrid provider

And from the ElfHosted store:

How to set it up

Get the app

  1. Create an ElfHosted account, receive $10 free ElfBuckz credit
  2. Subscribe to the torrentio, using your ElfBuckz
  3. Log into your ElfHosted dashboard, at https://<your username>

Install the Addon!

Navigate to Torrentio from your app dashboard (https://<your username>, add your debrid provider API key, and click "Install" to allow your OS to open the link in Stremio, or right-click the Install button, and copy the long stremio:// URL, and paste it into your Stremio search bar:

Pick your content, and you should see results, like this:

How do I get help?

  1. For specific support re your ElfHosted configuration / account, see the ElfHosted support options