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"Infinite streaming" from Real Debrid with Plex, Prowlarr, Radarr, and Sonarr

This page describes a more complex, flexible version of our plex_debrid-based, minimal solution to create your "infinite" Plex library, utilizing Real-Debrid for all media, streaming through your ElfHosted Plex instance.

The solution leverages the popular Arr tools to search, source, and sort your media, stealthily using symlinks to skip storage stresses!

New accounts get $10 credit, enough to run this stack for 20 days!

Our services are subscribed to in "ElfBuckz", our in-store account credit. All new users get $10 ElfBuckz upon account creation, in order to "kick the tyres" ๐Ÿš— before commitment.



Get all the required apps, conveniently bundled, for $0.50/day! ๐ŸŽ

How does it work?

Here's a diagram (it's not as complicated as it looks!), followed by some explanations:

flowchart TD
    Z[fa:fa-user User] --> |Stream|K
    Z[fa:fa-user User] --> A
    Z[User]--> |Manual addition|D
    Z[User]--> |Requests|C
    A[Lists] --> C[Overseer/Jellyseer/Plex]
    C <--> |Add to Arrs|D[Radarr/Sonarr]
    D --> R[Autoscan]
    D <--> |Search for media|E[Prowlarr]
    D <--> |Add to downloader|G[RDTClient]
    E --> |Search trackers|F[]
    G <--> |1. Add torrent|H[real-debrid]

    R[Zurg] --> |Update libraries|K[Plex] 

    K[Plex] --> |"Read file (symlink)"|L["/storage/elfstorage"]

    K[Plex] --> |"Resolve symlink (actual file)"|J["/storage/realdebrid-zurg"]
    %% G --> |Confirm download|J

    G[RDTClient] --> |3. Create symlink|P["/storage/elfstorage"]

    H --> Q[Zurg+rclone]
    Q --> J

    Q --> O
    G[RDTClient] --> |2. Confirm download|O["/storage/realdebrid-zurg"]
  1. The user adds content to their Plex Watchlist, or Overseerr / Jellyseerr/ Ombi requests
  2. Radarr / Sonarr notice the the new addition, and search Prowlarr (torrentio indexer) for appropriate files (matching size, quality, language parameters)
  3. When an appropriate release is found, Radarr / Sonarr schedules a download via RDTClient, which is presenting a qBittorrent-like API
  4. RDTClient adds the torrent to Real-Debrid, and then monitors the zurg rclone mount to confirm the download has succeeded. Upon success, RDTClient symlinks the download to Radarr/Sonarr's completed directory, and they process is as if it were a local download (renaming and moving to the media path)
  5. Aars trigger autoscan, which in turn triggers Plex to re-scan the media path containing the new content, and the Plex library is updated!

Why not just use plex_debrid?

  1. If you've already got a Plex media library, this allows you to augment your actual, downloaded files with symlink to RD-hosted files.
  2. You can use the Aars ability to select custom qualities per movie / show
  3. Integration into Overseerr / Ombi is well-understood and mature, and lets friends-and-family request content (without complicated Plex Watchlist integrations)

How to set it up

Here's a little more detail..

  1. Get a Real-Debrid account subscription for your ElfHosted account (can't be used elsewhere at the same time, else you risk being banned), and copy your API token
  2. Paste the token into the Zurg product on the store, and add to your cart
  3. Add at the Zurg rclone mount and Plex to your cart, and buy with ElfBuckz!

On purchase, you'll get the necessary components deployed, but some configuration will be required, see below:

Setup Plex

Claim your Plex instance using ElfBot, and add media libraries in /storage/elfstorage.

Setup zurg

Edit your zurg config via FileBrowser, and confirm that the following is set:

retain_rd_torrent_name: true
If you needed to make a change, restart zurg from FileBrowser console, using elfbot restart zurg

Confirm Zurg is setup correctly by browsing it from the link on your your ElfHosted dashboard.

To permit Zurg to trigger Library scans in Plex, edit config/zurg/, and add your Plex token as describe here.

Setup RDTClient

Configure RDTClient, creating a username and password, and configuring per the Symlink Setup instructions.

Setup Prowlarr

Navigate to Prowlarr, and configure ElfHosted's torrentio internal indexer (search "torrentio). In the properties of the indexer, set your Real-Debrid API Key, test, and save.

Prowlarr is pre-configured to sync with Radarr / Sonarr, so enable these apps (they are disabled by default), and run Sync App Indexers to add the torrentio (via Prowlarr) indexer to Radarr and Sonarr.

Setup Radarr / Sonarr

Configure your Root Folders to /storage/elfstorage/<whatever>, since this is where the symlinks will appear. You do not need /storage/realdebrid-zurg (in fact, its read-only nature will just confuse the Arr!)

Add RDTClient to Radarr / Sonarr as a qBittorrent download client, using the following details:

  • Name: RDTClient
  • Host: rdtclient
  • Port: 6500
  • Username: <your RDTClient username>
  • Password: <your RDTClient password>
  • Remove Completed: (unchecked)

Setup Autoscan

Radarr / Sonarr are pre-configured for Autoscan, but you'll need to edit Autoscan's config (config/autoscan/ in FileBrowser), and add a token for Plex / Jellyfin / Emby, in order for the autoscanning to work.

(See here for instructions on getting your Plex API key)


That's it! You've got the basic plumbing in place for "unlimited storage" from Real-Debrid, managed by the Arrs and streamed by Plex!

Beware Real-Debrid IP bans

Be aware that Real-Debrid states:

You can use your account from any public IP address but you can't use your account from more than one public IP address at the same time.

So if you use RealDebrid outside of ElfHosted, it's likely that your account may be warned / banned.

How do I get help?

  1. For general use of the individual tools, refer to the each app's upstream site
  2. For specific support re your ElfHosted configuration / account, either post a topic in the #elf-forum channel, or call for 1:1 #elf-help.