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This page lists frequently asked questions about ElfHosted.


Can I get a trial?

Most apps support trial periods - the duration varies based on how long each app may take to fully setup / test.


Can I get SSH access?

  • Short answer: No, but you can use FileBrowser's console for limited CLI commands like moves and unpacks
  • Long answer: Our services run within a Kubernetes microservices-based environment, every app is a separate container, so there's nothing to SSH into.

Can I use rclone?

Yes! We use rclone extensively for our "BYOS" design. If you need long-term, permanent rclone mount, then buy a compatible storage mount from the store, and we'll mount it to /storage.

If you just need temporary / occasional rclone move data around, then see [how to use rclone][/how-to/use-rclone/].


Can I download torrents from public trackers?

Yes. To avoid abuse, all our VPN clients require you bring your own VPN credentials, which are then attached to your app pod - the torrent client won't start unless the VPN is connected. Thus, you can use public or private trackers.

If you don't already have a VPN, we've found Private Internet Access (PIA) to work very well - including automated port-forwarding.

Can I access my services without SSO?

Services with strong authentication or whose functionality requires access without SSO (Plex, Ombi, etc) don't need to be protected by SSO.

Services which can't be categorically secured are protected by SSO to prevent abuse / accidental misconfiguration.

Due to the risk to all our customers if downloading apps are misconfigured and abused, these apps will are configured for SSO regardless of their own authentication layer. This may cause some 3rd-party mobile client apps to fail. In some cases, if API keys are rotate and recorded, we are able to "expose" individual apps using a separate purchase - see the "Advanced" category in the store for details.

How do I restart my apps?

Use ElfBot, or just delete the pod with Kubernetes Dashboard!

How do I backup my app config?

Use ElfBot!

How do I see app logs?

Some apps create logs in their config/<app>/ folder, which you can examine using FileBrowser. Alternately, you can watch each app's logs in realtime using Kubernetes Dashboard.


My playback is buffering

Check your speed at - you'll want at least 20Mbps for reliable playback at 1080p. Configure your streamer to "DirectPlay", rather than transcoding, for best results.