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Price rebalancing planned for 1 April 2024

As previously announced, we're be doing the first of what will become routine price-rebalancing, starting on 1 April 2024. This is the first time we've adjusted prices since we were "born" in June of 2023, and so this process may be a little jarring / unpolished at first!

TL;DR - How will this affect me?

There will be no change to the price of existing, active subscriptions. New prices will apply to new subscriptions.

However.. where there's a significant difference between existing and new pricing, we may reduce resource allocations on existing subscriptions proportionately. (for example, the existing Plex pricing only covers about 30% of actual expenses) - I'm seeking community feedback on how to proceed here.

I've laid out our transparent pricing process and costs in detail, and the stated goal is:

At the highest level, our goal is to recover hardware costs equivalent to resources consumed, and to realize 20% profit on costs (see how we're going on this goal by examining our monthly reports!)

Read below for details on app-specific changes..