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Elf-Disclosure for Feb 2024 now available

We're 7-months old now, starting to outgrow our (1Gbps) baby πŸ‘Ά clothes, and exploring a new service niche, the hosted Stremio addons! Our Feb 2024 report is now published!

Here's an excerpt:

February saw us outgrowing our 1Gbps storage nodes, and becoming more involved in the r/StremioAddons community, moving from hosting a single hacky alternative for the popular-but-overloaded torrentio service, to providing free / subscription hosting for many popular Stremio Addons.

Highlights from February 2024

Upcoming in March 2024

You can read about all the changes, expenses vs income, and geek out over the tech stats, in the Elf-Disclosure for Feb 2024 report!