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Advanced Infinite Streaming with Plex

Further to our recent addition of plex-debrid tools and a minimal streaming guide, I've added an advanced guide on using RDTClient and the Seers + Arrs to manage your Real Debrid "infinite library"

Check out this sexy ๐Ÿงœโ€โ™€๏ธ flowchart..

flowchart TD
    Z[fa:fa-user User] --> |Stream|K
    Z[fa:fa-user User] --> A
    Z[User]--> |Manual addition|D
    Z[User]--> |Requests|C
    A[Lists] --> C[Overseer/Jellyseer/Plex]
    C <--> |Add to Arrs|D[Radarr/Sonarr]
    D --> R[Autoscan]
    D <--> |Search for media|E[Prowlarr]
    D <--> |Add to downloader|G[RDTClient]
    E --> |Search trackers|F[]
    G <--> |1. Add torrent|H[real-debrid]

    R[Autoscan] --> K[Plex/Jellyfin/Emby] 

    K[Plex/Jellyfin/Emby] --> |"Read file (symlink)"|L["/storage/elfstorage"]

    K[Plex/Jellyfin/Emby] --> |"Resolve symlink (actual file)"|J["/storage/realdebrid-zurg"]
    %% G --> |Confirm download|J

    G[RDTClient] --> |3. Create symlink|P["/storage/elfstorage"]

    H --> Q[Zurg+rclone]
    Q --> J

    Q --> O
    G[RDTClient] --> |2. Confirm download|O["/storage/realdebrid-zurg"]

More details in the advanced guide ๐Ÿ‘

Update on ElfBuckz top-ups not topping-up

The developers of the plugin we use for ElfBuckz have responded to me on the issue of occasional topups failing. Apparently the fault lay with the PayPal payments plugin, which broke some Woocommerce automations. This is supposedly now fixed, but if you do notice your top-ups failing again, let me know!

Update on Subscriptions stuck on hold

With the help of another affected user, I got to the bottom of why we were seeing some subscriptions paused, or stuck "on hold" even after successfully renewing them, and it's not what you'd think..

Woocommerce emits orders for every change to your subscription, based on a "subscription" ID (low numbers), and ever increasing order IDs (high numbers). Users can have multiple subscriptions, so as a result, we "summarize" all your services by combining a collection of files which look like this:


While these files were sorted numerically in VSCode (where I look at them), it turns out Bash was sorting them alphabetically, like this:


In the case of the example above, if order 123 had been an "on hold" order, it would have overwritten any changes applied in order 10945 (the files are mergd downwards).

This curly little bug is now to bed ๐Ÿ›, and subscriptions and renewals should be more stable now!

Today's scoreboard

Metric Numberz Delta
Total subscribers 131 +4
Storageboxes mounted 22 0
๐Ÿ’พ ElfStorage in TBs 47 +1
Rclone mounts 33 +10 1
Tenant pods 1340 +51
Bugz squished 5 +2
New toyz 1 +1


As always, thanks for building with us - feel free to share suggestions, and your own ideas for new apps to add!

  1. The big increase here is due to all the Zurg mounts!