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Stream from Real Debrid with Plex using Zurg

Thanks to a recent user request, we now have a way to stream media directly from your Real-Debrid account as if it were on an attached filesystem, without having to download / transfer it first.

It works like this - you give Zurg your Real-Debrid API token, and a bunch of regular expressions (regexes) explaining roughly what filenames match to what kind of content.

Zurg then scrapes your Real-Debrid account, applies the regexes, and presents a WebDAV endpoint to "browse" your files.

Next, we perform an rclone WebDAV mount, and attach the zurg-exposed WebDAV URL to your apps. Now, in /storage/realdebrid-zurg, you'll find directories matching the regexes you defined ("movies", "tv", "music", etc). If you add /storage/realdebrid-zurg to your Plex / Jellyfin / Emby libraries, suddenly you can stream from Real Debrid as if the media were locally attached, without any delay for download / transfer, etc!

See the Zurg page for more details, and instructions on how to set it up!

What's new?

50% off of ElfStorage until 2024 ($3/TB)

Give the ongoing growth of ElfStorage usage, I've further built out our ElfStorage infrastructure to 10 storage nodes, so that we can take advantage of "erasure coding" (8+2), and reduce the disk space overhead from 50% to 12.5%.

As a result of all these upgrades, we now have (a) cheaper storage over the long term, and (b) excess unused storage in the short term (and (c) a larger bill from Hetzner!)

So, I've setup a 50% off sale of ElfStorage for the remainder of 2024, dropping it to $3/TB/month, as discussed here - if you've been thinking about adding some extra ElfStorage, then now is the time to pounce!

Bugz squished

WebDAV export working again

A recent improvement (auto-obscuring credentials for rclone mounts) broke the WebDAV access product (which allows you to copy to/from your storage using WebDAV), because the SKU for the webdav unfortunately contained the string "rclone" ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ.

This is fixed now, but if you've previously used WebDAV access, you'll want to update your config, since the target URL syntax has changed. See WebDAV Access for details and further documentation.

Today's scoreboard

Metric Numberz
Total subscribers 90
Storageboxes mounted 19
Rclone mounts 7
Tenant pods 820
Bugz squished 1
New toyz 1


As always, thanks for building with us - feel free to share suggestions, and your own ideas for new apps to add!