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Introducing Joplin Server

Today's new app is a fresh request from one of our fellow elfies.. Joplin is a 100% open-source , markdown-driven note-taking app, similar to Obsidian or Logseq. There are apps for Mac, Windows, and Linux, even a terminal app!

Joplin Server is the open-source version of the sync engine behind, which takes you beyond simple apps, by enabling cross-device sync, sharing, publishing, etc.

Screenshot of Joplin

Adding Joplin Server to your "Elf Stack" will let you utilize your ElfStorage (pass go, collect 100GB) for storing notes, attachments, etc.

The "publish note" feature is pretty - here's an example of what a published note looks like - it's published by joplin-server (so you can edit it with any client on any device), and it's auto-updated whenever the note is updated.

If you don't trust a seedy seedbox host with your super secret notes (and why should you?), you can enable E2E encryption in the client apps, which (like Seafile) means that all that's stored in ElfStorage is the encrypted blobs, and some metadata in the postgresql database.

Today's scoreboard

Metric Numberz
Total subscribers 39
Storageboxes mounted 17
Rclone mounts 11
Tenant pods 705
Bugz squished 1
New toyz 1

Bugz squished

Radarr 4K dashboard stats fixed

Although it may one day no longer be required (Radarr will eventually support multiple qualtiy profiles at once!), some of us are stuck using 2 instances of Radarr if we want 1080P and 4K content to co-exists. Those of us were seeing an unhappy red question mark in our dashboards, where the Radarr 4K stats should appear. This was due to an API key muddle-up when implementing the exposed API services, which is now fixed!


As always, thanks for building with us - feel free to share suggestions, and your own ideas for new apps to add!