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r/seedboxes invasion

After the last few days of relative stablity, I posted an introduction to the r/seedboxes subreddit, inviting more testers and feedback.

Here's the impact of this, in graph form ๐Ÿ˜

Prometheus graph showing pod count over 2 day period, from stable 270 to a recent peak of 340

And here's a brief summary of the bugs squashed and improvements made...


  • ๐Ÿ› Password resets weren't working. Turns out the MailPoet Wordpress plugin (which I setup to "improve" email sending), was sending email from the wrong domain ( instead of, and breaking DMARC.
  • ๐Ÿ› PayPal happily plasters its "Pay with PayPal" button all over the place, even when paying for services with ElfBuckz, which can lead to user confusion or worse, actually paying $0.05 for a service, only to find it removed again the next day when PayPal fails to process the renewal!


  • โœ… Instructing users to create an account in order to get 10 ElfBuckz was too clunky, and the username-validation plugin doesn't provide enough output on account creation. Instead, I created a "10 ElfBuckz TopUp" product, with a $10-off coupon code (ELFELFBABY), so that users can just buy the topup, and create an account at checkout - a smoother user experience.
  • โœ… Users were confused about the "manually provisioned rclone mount", assuming it to always be a manual process. I updated the product to indicate that it's simply a conversation about what parameters are required in order to create a new auto-provisioned rclone mount product.
  • โœ… After feedback, I "hid" all 15 BYOVPN variations of the torrent clients, replacing them with an "app group" product per-client, to tidy up the "Download Media" category, which now fits on a single page!

Next Up

  • Add a link on the store user account page to the app dashboard
  • Send email to user with link to their dashboard
  • Make checkout fields work better with browser auto-fill (is this a Woocommerce/Wordpress issue?)
  • Add Wordpress caching plugin to reduce load issues (at one point, the DO node running Wordpress stopped responding for 5 min!)


Thanks for building with us - stay tuned!