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Zurg is middleware, half of a clever solution which lets you stream from Real-Debrid directly using Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin.

It works like this - you give Zurg your Real-Debrid API token, and a bunch of regular expressions (regexes) explaining roughly what filenames match to what kind of content.

Step #1: Add Zurg to your ElfHosted apps

Zurg then scrapes your Real-Debrid account, applies the regexes, and presents a WebDAV endpoint to "browse" your files. You can confirm the folder structure by browsing https://<your username>, and adjust the regexes at https://<your username>

Use ElfBot to restart Zurg if you make any changes to the config file.

Next, purchase an pre-prepared zurg WebDAV mount - we'll attach the zurg-exposed WebDAV URL to your apps at /storage/realdebrid-zurg.

Step #2: Add a Zurg mount to your ElfHosted apps

Now, in /storage/realdebrid-zurg, you'll find directories matching the regexes you defined ("movies", "tv", "music", etc).

If you add /storage/realdebrid-zurg to your Plex / Jellyfin / Emby libraries, suddenly you can stream from Real-Debrid as if the media were locally attached, without any delay for download / transfer, etc!

Access zurg externally via WebDAV

If you'd rather just use Zurg's WebDAV endpoint, and attach to your existing clients, you can "expose" Zurg using basic auth (user/password). Add the "Zurg Exposed" product to your subscription, choosing a secure password.

Your Zurg instance will now be available via WebDAV on https://<username> or https://<username> (specifically suited for Infuse users).

Updating Libraries


To trigger a Plex library update from Zurg when your Real-Debrid content changes, edit config/zurg/ via FileBrowser, find this line:


And replace yourplextoken with a token found either by:

  1. Following these instructions, or
  2. Open Plex in a browser, open dev console and copy-paste this: window.localStorage.getItem("myPlexAccessToken")

Jellyfin / Emby

To trigger Jellyfin / Emby library updates, you'll need to setup Autoscan, and uncomment out the alternative on_library_update value in config/zurg/config.yml, as follows:

# nope
# on_library_update: sh "$@"

# advanced alternative for Jellyfin/Emby support
on_library_update: |
  # Log the updated directories and send refresh request to autoscan
  for arg in "$@"
      echo "Detected update on: $arg"
      # URL encode the directory path
      encoded_arg=$(python -c "import urllib.parse; print(urllib.parse.quote_plus('$arg'))")
      curl -s -X GET "http://autoscan:3030/triggers/manual?dir=/storage/realdebrid-zurg/$encoded_arg" 
  echo "All updated sections refreshed."