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Recyclarr automatically synchronizes recommended settings from the TRaSH guides to your Sonarr/Radarr instances.

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How do I use it?

There's no UI for Recyclarr, but you can edit the config file in config/recyclarr (your Dashboard link will also take you here).

The config file is created upon first install, and is not changed thereafter, unless you reset Recyclarr with elfbot reset recyclarr --yesiamsure in Filebrowser.

By default, recyclarr runs @daily, but it also runs once upon restart, in a separate pod named sync. Take advantage of this to test your config, and use ElfBot or Kubernetes Dashboard to restart it, watching the "sync" container for debug logs, as illustrated below:

This screenshot shows an error

Recyclarr also works with

How do I get support for Recyclarr?

  1. For general use of Recyclarr, refer to the official site or to one of the links below.
  2. For specific support re your ElfHosted configuration / account, see the ElfHosted support options!

You can contribute directly to the development of Recyclarr using the following:

Recyclarr resources