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FlareSolverr is a proxy server to bypass Cloudflare protection commonly applied to indexers / trackers, so that they can be auto-queried by Prowlarr.

How do I use it?

Configure Flaresolverr as a proxy in Prowlarr under Settings --> Indexers as follows:

  • name: flaresolverr
  • tags: flaresolverr
  • host: http://flaresolverr:8191

Then add the flaresolverr tag to any indexers requiring it.

Viewing Flaresolverr logs

Examine /config/flaresolverr using FileBrowser.

Flaresolverr also works with

How do I get support for Flaresolverr?

  1. For general use of Flaresolverr, refer to the official site or to one of the links below.
  2. For specific support re your ElfHosted configuration / account, either post a topic in the #elf-forum channel, or call for 1:1 #elf-help.

Flaresolverr resources