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Emby - Bringing all of your home videos, music, and photos together into one place has never been easier.

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Screenshot of Emby

How do I access Emby?

Emby will be available from your dashboard (https://<username>>), or directly, at https://<username>

How do I use it?

When you first connect, you'll be prompted to configure your admin account, setup your libraries, etc.

Enable Hardware transcoding

Our nodes support Intel QuickSync for Video (QSV). Enable this under the admin dashboard's Playback settings. Note that Emby Premier is required to enable hardware transcoding.

From media players

When you configure the Emby app in your media player, use https://<username> as the address (if a port is required, use 443)

Using Emby Connect

Optionally, you can use Emby Connect to simplify the connection to your server from various apps. There are a few extra steps required to inform Emby Connect of the external URL to your server (because we use a reverse proxy, Emby doesn't "know" what its URL is..)

Under Server -> Network, set the following:

  • Public HTTPS port number : 443
  • External domain: <your username>
  • Secure connection mode: Handled by reverse proxy

Illustrated below:

When accessing the server dashboard, the Remote (WAN) access should now be identified as https://<your username>, and Emby Connect should work.

Solutions to common issues

Playback stalls

Emby may be trying to transcode the media, based on a detected incompatibilty with your client/app, and running into CPU limitations. For optimal performance and quality, try to direct-play media where possible. You could also try enabling hardware transcoding (above), which will improve transcoding performance, provided you have an Emby Premier subscription.

Emby also works with

How do I get support for Emby?

  1. For general use of Emby, refer to the official site or to one of the links below.
  2. For specific support re your ElfHosted configuration / account, see the ElfHosted support options!

Emby resources