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ElfBot is not a standalone app, it's a command-line script written for ElfHosters, which provides self-service functions, including:

  1. Pause apps
  2. Restart apps
  3. Reset apps (wipe config and restore original pre-setup where applicable)
  4. Backup apps (restart and create an offline backup)
  5. Claim a plex server
  6. Set an arbitrary ENV var for an app (advanced, beta feature)

Using ElfBot

ElfBot lives in your FileBrowser console.

ElfBot in FileBrowser console

Run ElfBot like this:

elfbot <command> <arguments>

For example, to restart plex...

elfbot restart plex

How to stop / suspend an app

You may need to turn an app off temporaily to adjust its config, or to perform a restore from backup. Run elfbot pause <app> (<app> should match the name of a folder under /config), and ElfBot will shutdown the app, and wait for 5 min, before starting the app again.

How to restart an app

ElfBot can restart your app. Run elfbot restart <app> (<app> should match the name of a folder under /config), and ElfBot will instantly trigger an app restart.

How to reset an app

Need to reset an app to defaults? Run elfbot reset <app> --yesiamsure to perform the reset. ElfBot will restart your app, and remove its config from /config, resulting in a fresh bootstrap or a clean install.


This command will result in data loss. There are no further confirmations beyond --yesiamsure. If you're uncertain, perform a backup of your app before resetting (below).

How to backup an app

In order to safely backup an app, the app can't be running. ElfBot can trigger a restart of your app, and before the app actually starts, make a backup of its config folder to /storage/elfhosted/backup/<app name>-<timestamp>.


elfbot backup <app>

To perform the backup!

Here's an example:

ElfBot backup result

And here's the resulting backup:

ElfBot backup result

How to Claiming a Plex server

After you install Plex, if you find that you're just presented with a "web player", you'll need to "claim" it against your Plex account, by grabbing a claim ID from Claim your plex server using ElfBot by running:

elfbot claim plex <token>

After the claim is made, you'll need to restart plex. To restart Plex, and access your freshly-claimed instance, run:

elfbot restart plex

How to set an ENV var for an app

If you need to set a custom ENV var for an app (for VaultWarden's ADMIN_TOKEN, for example), you can use ElfBot to apply it to the app, by running:

elfbot env <app> <key>=<value>

For example:

elfbot env vaultwarden ADMIN_TOKEN=thisisnotasecuretoken

Be aware that this process has some limitations, namely:

  1. You can't see the ENV vars you've already set
  2. You can't delete an ENV var, but you can set its value to nothing ('')
  3. Only the apps below are supported (Seek #elf-help if you need an app added):

Apps supporting custom ENV vars